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2021-22 DCVC Summer Tryouts are Complete!
There will be another tryout, October 23, 2021.  

2021-22 Summer Tryout's are complete

If you missed our summer tryouts (July 21st and August 1st), no worries.  DCVC will have another tryout October 23rd.

October 23, 2021  
10a-12pm - 11u and 12u
12:30p-2:30pm - 13u and 14u
3p-5pm - 15u

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Register for 2021-22 Summer Tryouts Here!

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Not a weekend goes by that at least one of our DCVC teams isn't playing in a tournament. 

If you see us out and about, 
make sure to give 
us a  big shout out.


Serve Strong

Dig Fierce

Hit Hard  

Who we are:
DCVC is a competitive girls youth volleyball program, focused on preparing athletes for DCHS volleyball.

We are committed to:
-Provide a learning environment that allows development of individual skills and increase volleyball knowledge.
-Increase players passion for the game.
-Teach fundamentals, terminology and team concepts that are used with DCHS volleyball
-Develop Leaders for Life, Centered on Christ

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